Why You Lost Your Boyfriend (And How You Can Get Him Back)

Getting dumped can be the worst feeling in the world. You spend sleepless nights wondering what happened and what went wrong but the bottom line is he lost his attraction for you. But, you CAN get him back. You CAN make him attracted to you again but you have to understand why he broke up with you to begin with. Then and only then, will you know how to get him back.

One or more characteristics that you may have had that made him leave you, can be from what we call The Six Deadly Relationship Sins.

The first and common problem that over 50% of women have in their relationships is being too controlling. You have to let them have their space. Let them do guy things with guys. If you put too many restraints on him, don’t be surprised if he leaves you.

The second Deadly Sin is always seeking approval like in how you look, asking him if he loves you, is he happy. It makes you look insecure in his eyes and tells him you don’t think you’re good enough.

The third Deadly Sin is jealousy. Getting upset that he talks to another woman, has a female friend or glances at another woman is another form of insecurity. Hey, he’s a man who is dating you and has said that he loves you. That doesn’t mean he’s dead!

These are just some of the characteristics that can kill a relationship. But now, how do you get him back even if it seems like a lost cause at this point? Well, there are certain psychological techniques that you can start putting into place. You can make him fall back in love with you or at least give you another chance. But what most women do when the man breaks up with them is they beg, plead, apologize, ask for another chance, ask for forgiveness, etc. These are all things that will make him run even faster.

If you want to get him back, and you want to know what the other Deadly Sins are, then click on this video NOW before he runs away for good!